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Administrative Requirements For Bore Drillers

Principle: The bore drillers and owner of the bore shall adhere to all relevant state or territory legislative requirements.

At every stage during construction, all parties should take action to minimise the risks to the environment. Considerations include:
• materials used for construction and discharged from the bore
• responsible disposal of all waste.

General legislative provisions and policies are administered by water agencies in each of the states and territories. It is essential that the drillers, consultants, and clients become fully conversant with the requirements of the state or territory in which they intend the work to be undertaken, because the relevant legislation varies between authorities. It should be noted that it is the individual driller who is licensed, not the drilling company.

Mandatory Requirements

  • Only drillers licensed for the class of work proposed and endorsed for the drilling method to be used shall carry out work on a water bore unless state or territory legislation provides an exemption.
  • An appropriately licensed driller shall be on site at all times during bore construction activities.
  • The owner or legal occupier of the land on which a bore is to be constructed shall obtain the appropriate bore permit from the licensing authority in the relevant state or territory. Work shall not commence on a bore until such approval has been obtained.
  • The driller shall sight the bore permit before commencing any work and comply with the conditions relating to the particular bore. The bore permit will stipulate the nature of the work and the reporting requirements.
  • Where an applicant wishes to use materials or technologies not referred to in this document, the applicant must submit a proposal in writing to the relevant state or territory regulator and obtain approval before using the material or technology. In the absence of any prior written approval from the regulator, the conditions of this document or the bore permit shall be adhered to.

Australian government agencies and drilling associations from whom further information may be obtained regarding this article or drilling requirements generally are listed below.

This list was correct at the time of publication. An up-to-date list is on the ADITC website (www.aditc.com.au).

New South Wales

NSW Department of Primary Industries, Office of Water
GPO Box 3889
Sydney NSW 2001

Northern Territory

Department of Natural Resources, Environment, The Arts and Sport
PO Box 496
Palmerston NT 0831


Department of Environment and Resource Management
PO Box 156
Mareeba Qld 4880

South Australia

State Drilling Inspector
Department for Water
GPO Box 2834
Adelaide SA 5001


Manager, Water Management Branch
Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water & Environment
GPO Box 44
Hobart Tas. 7001


Goulburn Murray Water Corporation
PO Box 165
Tatura Vic. 3616

Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water Corporation
PO Box 481
Horsham Vic. 3402

Southern Rural Water Corporation
Box 153
Maffra Vic. 3860 www.srw.com.au

Western Australia

Department of Water
PO Box K822
Perth WA 6842

Water Corporation
PO Box 100
Leederville WA 6007


Australian Drilling Industry Association Ltd
PO Box 3020
Frankston East Vic. 3199

Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee
PO Box 742
Lane Cove NSW 2066

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