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Administrative Responsibilities


When a bore is to be constructed, both the driller and the client are responsible for various aspects of the work. It is in the interests of both parties that a written agreement or contract be entered into detailing all aspects of the work to be performed.

The following is a general guide to the responsibilities of the driller and the client. It must be emphasised that some responsibilities relate to legislative requirements, which can vary between state and territory water licensing authorities. When in doubt the respective authority should be contacted at the address shown above.

Driller responsibilities

The driller generally has responsibility for:

• giving the client accurate and competent technical advice on the work
• providing references
• giving the client a written quotation for work to be performed and materials to be supplied
• deciding the construction method to be used
• offering a warranty on completed and tested works, including materials and the quality of work undertaken
• the standard of work, including ensuring that the quantity and quality of materials used are suitable for the job
• providing the client with regular and timely reports of progress and any other information that may be relevant to the work and its cost
• where legislation exists, ensuring that the client holds a current bore permit for the type of bore being constructed. The driller shall comply with the conditions of the bore permit
• providing the client and the state or territory water licensing authority with a written log of the details of each bore
• providing advice on the flow and quality of water on completion of a bore
• leaving the site in a clean and tidy manner and free from contamination.

At all times during the progress of the work the driller shall use reasonable precautions to prevent:
• tampering with the bore
• the entry of foreign material
• the entry of surface water into the bore.

NOTE: It is unwise for a driller to warrant or guarantee the quantity or quality of water before drilling is carried out.

Client responsibilities

In general, the client has the following responsibilities:
• seeking advice on the likely availability of a water supply and its quality
• obtaining the necessary bore permit to construct the bore and complying with the bore permit conditions
• arriving at a written agreement/contract with the driller on the work to be carried out and the materials to be supplied
• where legislation requires, ensuring that the driller holds a current driller’s licence for the class of work and drilling method to be employed
• being readily contactable during the drilling operations
• selecting and, if necessary, preparing or clearing the site, often in consultation with the driller
• providing suitable access to the bore site(s)
• submitting reports and water samples to the relevant authority where required.

NOTE: It is unwise for a driller to warrant or guarantee the quantity or quality of water before drilling is carried out.

High concentrations of individual ions may render the water unsuitable, even if the conductivity value is within limits suggested in the relevant Australian standard. The suitability of water for continued irrigation will depend on plant species, soil type, climate, and soil leaching conditions.

Therefore it is important that the client or bore owner should be aware of any water quality restrictions imposed by the intended crop types or proposed water use.

Shared responsibilities

The type and nature of bore construction should be discussed fully between the driller and the bore owner before the work commences. The following matters should be taken into account:
• state or territory legislative requirements
• protection of the aquifer
• materials required
• the desired yield or purpose of the bore
• known geological conditions
• the desired life and future maintenance of the bore
• the cost
• the duration of the contract
• checking for the existance and location of underground services
• provision of detailed strata logs, strata samples, and water samples as specified by the relevant state or territory water licensing authority
• preferred pumping equipment and power source options.

NOTE: It is unwise for a driller to warrant or guarantee the quantity or quality of water before drilling is carried out. Differing geological formations encountered may present difficulties that even the most experienced driller could not anticipate. In such situations the driller may need to consult the client again.

The client (or a representative) should be on site for a substantial amount of the construction period, or at least be readily contactable when absence is necessary.

The driller should ensure that the client is fully aware of the more critical phases of construction of the bore, including responsibility for the storage of material and removal of waste.

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