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Bore Water Drilling & Responsibilities

Bore Water Drilling & Responsibilities

When a bore is to be constructed, both the bore water drilling contractor and the client are responsible for various aspects of the work. It is in the interests of both parties that a written agreement, quote or contract be entered into detailing all aspects of the work to be performed.

The following is a general guide to the responsibilities of the driller and the client, some responsibilities relate to legislative requirements, which can vary between state and territory water licensing authorities.

The driller generally has responsibility for:Bore Water Drilling Company Direct Drilling - Our Team

  • Giving the client accurate and competent technical advice on the work, deciding on the construction method to be used and supplying a written quotation/estimate.
  • Ensuring the standard of work, including meeting ‘minimum Construction Requirements For Water Bores In Australia’ 3rd Edition.
  • Providing the client with regular and timely reports of progress and any other information that may be relevant to the work and its cost.
  • Providing the client and the state or territory water licensing authority with a written log of the details of each bore.
  • Reporting on the flow and quality of water on completion of a bore.
  • Leaving the site in a clean and tidy manner and free from contamination.

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