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Drilling Contractors Direct Drilling in East Timor

Drilling Companies -Direct Drilling - East TimorThe need to have meaning in one’s life is a common human aspiration that binds us together.

This could not be truer in the Kimberley, where we have remote communities who seek to improve their way of life and aspire to improved training and employment opportunities. A general feeling of despair and loss of purpose is often felt by these people, who feel isolated from opportunity and the greater community.

This drive and expectation has changed the way we do business and interact with clients and communities when conducting drilling programs in our region. Our aim is to engage with people in the region to increase their capacity for work experience and training. It’s people development with a social conscience which benefits the wider community and the company’s employees.

There is a great shift in our workforces and communities at large. They want to make a difference in their jobs and in their communities, and they want to do it at the same time.Drilling Companies Australia - Direct Drilling With Bidydanga Community

When there is purpose and genuine engagement between peoples a new culture is born, and in this new culture, GREAT things can and will emerge.

Direct Drilling management understands the benefits to all involved in these programs and has encouraged and implemented a strong culture of ethical and social conscience throughout the organisation.

Members of the Bidyadanga Community participating in a group instruction on the operation of one of Direct drilling’s water well drill rigs.

The company’s social conscience also spreads to East Timor where we have recently been involved in charity work identifying and developing clean and sustainable water sources on the island of Atauro. The pure joy and delight of the adults and children when water flowed from the newly installed pump at the water well made the heart sing.

The new water well will greatly improve the health and lifestyle of the villagers and livestock. The company is committed to continuing the work program to provide additional water wells to service the village and the newly completed school and to improve health of the livestock.

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