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Geotech Drilling & Environmental Drilling


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Geotech Drilling & Environmental Drilling

Direct Drilling’s Geotech Drilling & Environmental Drilling division specializes in all aspects of Water Monitoring, Soil Sampling and Contaminant Investigation, and Deep Earth Rod Installation.

Our fleet of rigs, plant and equipment have been well selected and maintained to service any environment and location. We are renowned for our local knowledge and regional expertise of WA’s northwest and the Northern Territory. Our experience equips us with the ability to handle challenging environmental and geotech drilling sites efficiently.

Direct Drilling’s rigs have the flexibility to change between a range of methodologies on site. We offer truck and tractor mounted drilling rigs equipped for auger, air drilling and wireline coring.

Direct Drilling’s comprehensive setup ensures timely outcomes to meet project schedules without costly delays in unknown ground conditions.

We know the value of having a strong team to handle the challenges of geotech drilling and environmental drilling. Therefore our services are supported by experienced, qualified personnel.


  • RC DDH Hollow Auger
  • Rotary Air RAB Solid Flight Auger
  • Rotary Mud Air Core Wireline Push Tube

Geotech Drilling & Environmental Drilling - Direct Drilling