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Key Personnel Experience

The Direct Drilling company consists of a strong team that provides leading drilling services to remote areas of Australia. Check out the experience of some of our key personnel below. Click here to read more about our team.

Operations Manger

Advanced Diploma of Drilling Management   – ADITC RII60409
Experienced ISO 9001 auditor and consultant
3 day Training Seminar – Getting to Know Ground Water & Surface Water.
Invited review participant for of ADITC ‘DRILLING – The Manual of Methods, Applications and Management’.
President – Kununurra Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Drilling Manager

Class 2 National Water Drillers License (SA) (WA) (NT)
ADITC – Diploma in Drilling Operations RII50609
ADITC – Cert IV in Drilling Operations RII40909
ADITC – Technical Expert Certificate of Registration            RII40909 Level
ADITC Mud Techniques & Tests Course. – Certificate of Achievement
ADITC Screens & Gravel Pack Course. – Certificate of Achievement
RIINHB405A – Supervise water well drilling operations
Currently undertaking Advanced Diploma In Drilling Operations

Drillers – Water Well

Licensed WA Class 1, 2 and 3 Water Well Drillers
Licensed NT Class 2 Water Well Drillers
Licensed SA Class 1 Water Well Drillers

Drillers – Exploration

Cert IV in Drilling Operations
RIINHB402A – Supervise mineral exploration operations
Cert III in Drilling – Mineral Exploration

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