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Licensing For Water Well Drilling & Bore Water Construction


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Licensing For Water Well Drilling & Bore Water Construction

Water WellGeneral legislative provisions and policies are administered by water agencies in each of the states and territories for bore permits/licenses and licenses to take water.

Water bore drilling companies and the owner of the bore are required to adhere to all relevant state or territory legislative requirements. It is essential that the drillers, consultants, and clients become fully conversant with the requirements of the state or territory in which they intend the work to be undertaken, because the relevant legislation varies between authorities.

Water Well Drilling Things To Note:

  • It should be noted that it is the individual driller who is licensed, not the drilling company.
  • Only drillers licensed for the class of work proposed and endorsed for the drilling method should carry out work. The licensed driller is required to be on site at all times during bore construction activities.
  • The owner or legal occupier of the land on which a bore is to be constructed is to obtain the appropriate bore permit from the licensing authority in the relevant state or territory. Not all bores are required to be licensed for permitted. When in doubt the respective authority should be contacted.
  • Work shall not commence on a bore until such approval has been obtained if required.
  • The driller is required to sight the bore permit before commencing any work.

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