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Siting A Water Supply Bore – Good Industry Practice

Good Industry Practice

– When Siting A Water Supply Bore –

  • All water supply bores should be positioned away from the influence of possible sources of contamination.
  • In bores where the target aquifer is deeper than the source of the contamination, the bore may be constructed providing the contaminated formation is adequately cased and cement sealed.

If the driller has any doubts concerning the potential problems and the requirements for a particular situation, advice should be sought from the client and the relevant state or territory water authority.

  • Bores should be positioned so that the headworks can be protected from damage, frequent flooding, and surface water drainage.
  • Site work should be planned and carried out in such a manner to minimise damage to property, infrastructure, crops, land, drainage works, and roads.
  • Before commencing drilling, the client/driller should contact the local service providers (e.g. gas, electricity, power, communications, water) to obtain advice on location of these services and the minimum clearance distances between the drilling rig and services. This information should be sought, as far as practical, in written form.

The driller should ensure that no underground or overhead services are located in the area of the proposed bore sites.

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