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Water Well Construction Principles


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Water Well Construction Principles

Although every hole is usually slightly different, there are some critical elements that go towards constructing a water bore that will provide a good supply of water to the end-user for many years to come, without affecting the capacity or quality of nearby aquifers for other users and the community in general.

In order to ensure that such a precious resource is adequately protected, adherence to the following principles is crucial. These principles are not exhaustive, but are included because they are known to be effective.

The principles are:

• The driller and owner of the bore shall adhere to all relevant state or territory legislative requirements.

• Bore design shall:

— suit the hydrogeological conditions

— be appropriate to protect the aquifer

— be suitable for the intended purpose of the bore

— meet the client’s requirements.

• The bore shall be constructed by a suitably qualified driller who possesses the appropriate experience and the relevant class of licence that the state or territory deem necessary.

• A bore is sited to provide a reliable and useful water supply.

• Information should be sought about the hydrogeological conditions in the area before drilling.

• Water supply bores shall be positioned a suitable distance from known possible sources of contamination, or designed and constructed to eliminate all sources of contamination.

• The driller shall ensure the location complies with any conditions specified in the bore permit.


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